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My Time at the Fryeburg Fair

The Fryeburg Fair is always in the first week of October running from Sunday through Sunday. During this week-long event, families from across the state come to enjoy all the fair's festivities. From rides and games to food and shopping, there's something to do for everyone!

I don't always make it every year, but when my family decided to go I happily hopped on board. Check out some of my highlights from this year's fair!


Fair Food

My favorite thing to do at the fair is to eat something greasy and delicious. It's important to splurge every once in a while, right? As soon as I arrived and smelled sausage and vegetables sizzling on the grill, onion rings and fries bubbling in the fryer, and the sweet sugary smell of the Sugar House, my stomach started rumbling.


My group decided to grab a slice of pizza from Sunflower Pizza, truly the best pizza stand at the fair. I can't remember a time when I went to the fair and didn't eat here! They serve three kinds of 'za: cheese and tomato, pepperoni, and black olive and garlic. At only $4 for an enormous slice of thick hand-tossed pie, you cannot go wrong.


A new thing I tried this year at the fair were some cannolis from Simply Cannoli, a mobile station serving the Italian tube pastry filled with a sweetened ricotta cream. They make them right there in front of you which means you can customize your fillings and toppings. I chose the 2 mini cannoli deal for $6 so I could try two flavors and got pumpkin filling with walnuts and caramel filling with almonds. They were scrumptious and very filling, I had to save my second one for later!



As if all of the food stands weren't enough, one of my favorite exhibitions to look at is the Specialty Foods Pavilion where you can find jams, salsas, and spices in a wide array of flavors. You'll also see gourmet treats like fudge, maple candies, and chocolate sheep.

There are many local and handmade products to look through making the fair a perfect place to scout for unique gifts, either for someone else or yourself (let's be honest). I treated myself to a couple of pairs of earrings from BJ Creations in brass and silver that were only $6, see a picture of them below!



The fair has a whole section devoted to animals, no surprise there. You can see tons of goats, pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, you name it! It's always a good time to look for the baby animals, a sleeping litter of piglets is seriously the cutest.


Did you make it to a fair this year, leave me a comment to share what your favorite thing is!

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