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Welcome to

The Maine Chick


A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Hannah! I live in Portland, Maine, with my husband, Tyler, and tuxedo cat, Rosie. Although I have a degree in marketing, graphic design has always been my main focus. I currently work as a 9-5 corporate graphic designer, but when I’m not in the office, you can find me taking a nap, sipping a skinny latte, or exploring new places.

Why blog, you might ask?
I wanted to create a blog to document my day-to-day activities, to use as a creative outlet for some of my photography/design, and to share with you why the state of Maine is so great! It is called “Vacationland” after all. Hopefully, I can convince some of you that our state has more to offer than cabins in pine forests, flannel shirts, and lobster. Okay, the latter may be an essential part of Maine living. For my fellow Main-ahs, I hope to serve as a source for new places to visit and experience.

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Fun Facts About Hannah

Cat Lover

I'm obsessed with my tuxedo cat.

Travel Junkie

I am always planning my next vacation.


Born, raised, and currently living in our great state of Maine.

Latte Girl

I enjoy a good latte.


I love to find new

restaurants and cafes.

Biking Enthusiast

Biking is my favorite exercise.

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