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Peak Season at Peaks Island

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Peaks Island, a small Portland neighborhood is a perfect location to enjoy Maine's scenic coast. The island has a range of activities to participate in such as walking, kayaking, biking, or golf-carting with a few quaint museums, shops, and restaurants to explore.

Casco Bay Lines will take you there in a short 17-minute ride and has regular departures throughout the day, making it a great destination for a day trip.

Peaks Island offers incredible ocean vistas from Backshore and truly looks like a postcard where ever you go. We toured the island by taking a bicycle trip around the perimeter while stopping along the way to take in the beautiful scenery and to hunt for sea glass and shells.

We had lunch at Milly's Skillet Food Truck, located right near the ferry dock. This option was quicker than eating at the other busy restaurants on the island and we were happy to sit outside at their picnic tables. Some things you can find on their menu include truffle fries, fried brussel sprouts, tacos, burgers, and chicken fingers. I ordered the pulled pork tacos which were very messy (so that's why there are no pictures of our food), but I would recommend eating here since everything we had was delicious. Make sure to order a side of those brussel sprouts to share!

During our exploration, we went down a roadway that lead us to another scenic overlook with a sailboat passing through and to my surprise an adorable little honey stand. To take a honey jar, you must use the honor system and pay $5. With its "Peaks Island" label, this was the perfect souvenir.

Of course, an island trip wouldn't be complete without ice cream! You can order your favorite Gifford's flavor from the Peaks Island store and relax outdoors on one of their patio chairs. Caramel Caribou is my flavor of choice and I happily ate it as we waited for the next ferry to arrive. What a sweet ending to our island visit!

Convinced to visit Peaks Island? Take a day to visit this little Maine island, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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