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A (Bike) Trip Around Chebeague Island

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Chebeague Island, Casco Bay's largest island (not connected by a bridge to the mainland), is about an hour-long ferry ride 10 miles northeast of Portland.

We visited during Labor Day weekend for a new place to explore and bike, which is a must-have for getting around the island. We made our way to the Chebeague Island Inn for lunch, to the Chebeague Boat Yard, and stopped at some scenic outlooks along the way.

Keep reading to see some pictures from our trip and tips to plan your visit!

Chebeague Island Inn

One of the best parts of our time on the island was our lunch, not because of the food necessarily but because of the atmosphere.

We were lucky enough to sit outside on the front lawn that overlooks the ocean. With the warmth from the sun and the sea breeze, it was the perfect weather for dining outside. The hand-cut fries were also a huge hit with our group, great reviews from us on those fries!

Chebeague Boat Yard

The Chebeague Island Boat Yard has a small pier and beach for seashell and sea glass hunting. We picked up some shells, skipped some rocks, and looked inside the small store, The Niblic. I wanted a drink so I picked up a bottle of honey soda to try which tasted very sweet!

Tips for Your Visit

  • Bring a bike: As I mentioned before, a bicycle is a necessity for getting around the island. All of these referenced locations are spread out and would be a long journey on foot. For example, the boatyard is 1.6 miles from the ferry landing and the inn is 3.2 miles.

  • Bring a jacket: Even if it's a warm summer day, it gets chilly and windy on the ferry ride over. Bring a jacket to ensure you're comfortable.

  • Ferry information: You will have to use Casco Bay Lines to get over to the island and it takes approximately 60-90 minutes one-way to get to Chebeague. It might be helpful to grab a ferry schedule so you don't miss the ride back to Portland.

  • Souvenirs: If your not satisfied with seashells, the place to pick up Maine-made and Chebeague-specific gifts is at The Niblic, located at the Boat Yard.

  • Relaxation and views: The island has many scenic viewpoints, however, I recommend sitting back and relaxing on the wraparound porch at the Chebeague Island Inn.


Thanks for reading!


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