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4 Spring Things To Do in Portland, Maine

Updated: Jan 2

The weather has been warming up which means I want to spend as much time outdoors as I can. From exercising to shopping, here are 4 things I recommend doing this Spring in the Portland, Maine area!


1. Go on a Bike Ride

The Greenbelt Walkway in South Portland is a walking and cycling pathway that extends 5.6 miles from south to north. It starts from the Wainwright Athletic complex near the Scarborough town line and runs to the historic Bug Light Park in South Portland.

Mill Creek Park, South Portland

While going to Bug Light Park on the Greenbelt Walkway trail, you can stop and rest at Mill Creek Park in South Portland. The park features a large pond to spot ducks and geese.

Bug Light Park, South Portland

Bug Light Park is one of my favorite places to visit because of its scenic views. There's a waterside pathway to walk/bike around to see the small lighthouse (only 26-feet tall) and a great view of Portland from across the bay. Kite-flying is a popular activity here, so you might see some colorful and interesting kites!


2. Enjoy a Walking Trail

Eastern Promenade, Portland

I always enjoy walking along the water at the Eastern Promenade. When you visit in Spring, you can find flowers and trees blooming, making it a beautiful sight!

Robinson Woods, Cape Elizabeth

The Robinson Woods Outer Loop Trail is a 1.4-mile loop trail near Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It takes an average of 31 min to complete and is an easy route. The trail gives you an opportunity to feel as if you’re in a remote location when in fact you’re in an accessible area, close to the ocean and Portland Head Light.


3. Get an Ice Cream

The activity I look forward to most when the weather gets warmer is getting ice cream. Here are two ice cream businesses that I recommend and have already enjoyed this year!

Sticky Sweet, Portland

Sticky Sweet has plant-based ice cream made from scratch and their waffle cones are made fresh daily. The ice cream tastes so rich and flavorful that you'll forget that it's entirely all-vegan! We tried Lemon Cheesecake which had chunks of cheesecake and bursts of lemon citrus and Very Vanilla Bean which tasted creamy and delicious.

Portland Twirl Food Truck

Portland Twirl takes soft serve ice cream to a whole new level. Most soft serve ice cream contains as much as 50% air with many unknown additives and artificial flavors. Portland Twirl creates their ice cream with ingredients they feel good about serving and removes excess air so that it comes out denser and creamier than regular soft serve.

We tried and loved:

  • "Pebbles the Redhead" - Fruity Pebbles cereal twisted into vanilla ice cream and topped with strawberry dust and sprinkled with more Pebs.

  • Coffee Toffee Brickle” - Vanilla ice cream twisted with coffee brew coffee and garnished with toffee bits and salted caramel.


4. Visit the Congress Square Market

Congress Square Park, Portland

Check out the open-aired market held at Congress Square Park, across from the Portland Museum of Art. During the time we visited there were plenty of interesting art and craft vendors selling art prints, pottery, candles, and pet toys. For food and drink, there were pretzels, waffles, fried dough, coffee, and more. Find out when the next market is by going to the events calendar here.


Thanks for reading!

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