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5 Spring Things to Be Happy About

May is a mixed bag in the state of Maine. One day it could be warm and sunny and the next day it could be snowing. Regardless of the temperature, the month of May is one of my favorites. After a long and cold winter, it's exciting to see the trees bud, flowers blossom, and greenery flourish once again.

Since we all may need a little bit of cheering up in a time like this, here are 5 reasons why you should be happy about spring and a reminder that we can still enjoy them no matter what's going on in the world.


1. Cherry Blossoms

The trees in our neighborhood are gorgeous right now! Get outside and take a walk during the golden hour (staying 6-feet apart, of course). Snap some photos of these beauties because they are already starting to pass.


2. Greenhouse Visits

Spring is the perfect time to visit your local greenhouse and pick up some new plant pals. I love hanging planters, so I couldn't resist picking up a Fuchsia along with more succulents!


3. Spring Clothing

Spring weather means you can finally pack away the sweaters and transition into your warmer weather wardrobe. I changed out my jackets for my lighter ones!


4. Spring Sights

We noticed some birds making a nest right outside our kitchen window. While I had the birds standing still for me, I had to snap a picture or two!


5. Spring Cleaning

Although cleaning is not necessarily my favorite, I do enjoy it when our house is clean and organized. Last weekend we reorganized a lot of our furniture so everything seems more orderly and less cluttered. Rosie our cat really likes the new arrangement too as you can see!


Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying spring and staying healthy!


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