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Lobsters, Lighthouses, and Beaches: A Perfect Summer Day in Maine

Exploring Reid State Park, Five Islands Lobster Co, and Squirrel Point Lighthouse

An adventure along Maine's picturesque shoreline promises a blend of scenic beauty, historical landmarks, and fresh seafood. Follow this simple itinerary to explore the charm of these iconic Maine sights. Begin your journey with a visit to Squirrel Point Lighthouse, followed by a stop at Five Islands Lobster Co, and conclude with a visit to Reid State Park.

A perfect summer day in Maine


Squirrel Point Lighthouse - A Historic Maine Lighthouse

Our first destination, Squirrel Point Lighthouse, offers a chance to witness the picturesque beauty of a historic Maine lighthouse. Situated on Arrowsic Island, between the Atlantic Ocean and Bath, Maine, this lighthouse dates back to 1895 and marks the island's southwestern point. The lighthouse is named after The Squirrel, the ship of the royal governor of Massachusetts, which wrecked at this site in 1717.

To reach the lighthouse, you'll embark on a short 15-20 minute hike, approximately 1 1/4 miles round trip. The well-marked trail winds through protected forests and wetlands, making the journey as rewarding as the view. I recommend wearing sturdy shoes, as the trail can be uneven with tree roots. Additionally, be prepared with bug spray to keep the mosquitoes at bay.


Five Islands Lobster Co - A Scenic Maine Lobster Shack

Next on our itinerary is Five Islands Lobster Co, renowned for its scenic charm and fresh seafood. Situated along the coast on Georgetown Island, this charming lobster shack boasts a working harbor with stunning views of the surrounding islands.

The lobster co features three distinct buildings: the “Love Nest” grill serves casual fare including fried seafood baskets and sandwiches like lobster rolls and cheeseburgers; the “Lobster” building offers live or cooked lobsters, steamers, corn on the cob, potatoes, and coleslaw; and the “Ice Cream Building” scoops up a wide variety of Maine-made ice cream. There is plenty of picnic table seating, and the best part is that it offers scenic views in all directions.

Here, we enjoyed their famous "big boy" lobster roll, generously packed with half a pound of succulent lobster meat. Our rolls were accompanied by golden fries and a refreshing blueberry soda. It was an amazing lunch experience—tasty food, short wait, and beautiful views. If you are looking for a quintessential Maine food experience, this perfectly captures it!


Reid State Park - A look at Maine's Natural Beauty

Last but not least, end your journey at Reid State Park, a beautiful mix of expansive sandy beaches and rugged coastline. Located less than a 10-minute drive from Five Islands Lobster Co, the park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. It offers opportunities for leisurely walks or sunbathing on its two beaches, Mile Beach and Half Mile Beach.

Lookout with beach

We visited on a cloudy and hazy day, which made the scenery look even more unique. Climb to the top of Griffith Head Overlook for expansive views of both the rocky coast and the sandy beach.

Keep in mind there’s an entry fee ($6 for Mainers, $8 for non-Maine residents, and $2 for senior non-residents), but it’s worth it! The park offers clean restrooms, changing rooms, and foot showers to wash off sandy feet. Parking is stress-free, with plenty of space. There are numerous spots to relax, whether you prefer sunbathing on the beach or enjoying the shade in the forested picnic areas. If the ocean waves are too extreme, try the back bay lagoon area, which is perfect for kids.

Feet in the sand at ocean


Whether savoring fresh lobster rolls with ocean views or exploring historic lighthouses and beautiful beaches, this day offers a memorable glimpse of Maine's unique charm.

Join me next time for more adventures and discoveries in New England and beyond.

Thanks for reading!

- The Maine Chick



Welcome to "The Maine Chick," where I celebrate all things Maine, embracing the Maine way and living life to the fullest! While you can often find me exploring my hometown of Portland, Maine, you'll also catch me traveling around the globe. Follow along!

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