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14 Things to Do This Summer in Maine

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

A summer evening at the Falmouth Town Landing.

The warmer weather is approaching which means I’m thinking about all the things I would like to do this summer. I always have high expectations of packing my summer with fun activities but when the leaves start to fall, I look back and realize that I haven’t done most of the activities I initially set out for myself. By creating this list I hope to hold myself more accountable and maybe inspire you to do the same!

1. Jump into the Ocean + Go to a New Beach

I am starting this list with one of the most obvious things to do in the summer. I make jumping into the ocean at least once each year a personal requirement, and that means dunking my head in too! Since we live right near the coast there are several beaches to choose from. This season I would like to dive into the waves at a new spot. Some beaches I plan to venture out to are Higgins Beach in Portland, Willard Beach in South Portland, or Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth.

2. Try a New Ice Cream Flavor

How can you enjoy summer without going out for ice cream? There are numerous ice cream shops nearby making this an easy item to cross off the list, however, I would like to make it a bit harder by trying an ice cream flavor I haven’t had before. I have yet to find one I didn’t like!

3. Have an Outing with Friends

Ever since I moved an hour away from my hometown it has been increasingly hard to plan get-togethers with my friends. I am vowing to put together a day or night to hang out with my friends in the Old Port. I have so many ideas of great restaurants to bring them to, including a dessert bar called Gross Confection Bar devoted to satisfying your sweet tooth.

4. Watch a Movie at the Drive-in

I can only remember my husband and I going to the drive-in once, and it was way back in high school. The Saco Drive-in Theater is near by, making it easy to go to during the summer months for a double feature!

A summer sunset last year at the Back Cove Trail.

5. View the Sunset From a New Vantage Point

Although the sunset views I have seen at the Western Prom and the Back Cove Trail of Portland are gorgeous, I would like to challenge myself to see it from a new angle. Some ideas I have include the Portland Headlight, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, or the classic Old Port Waterfront.

6. Visit the Casco Bay Islands

One fun day-trip I would like to make this summer entails buying a ferry ticket out of Portland and visiting some of the little islands off the southern coast of Maine. I have been to Peak’s Island in the past during the off-season, but would love to go back again when everything is operational. I envision myself enjoying the warmer temperatures by getting ice cream and biking leisurely around the island. Naturally, I would have to bring my camera since this trip would have plenty of photo opportunities!

7. Hike a Mountain

I have seen Mount Battie’s beautiful sweeping view of Camden Harbor and the Penobscot Bay on IG many times, but I really want to experience it for myself! The trails at Camden Hills State Park seem perfect for someone like me who doesn’t hike very often and prefers short, less strenuous trails. An easy hike and a great view? I'm in!

8. Explore a New Town

With its postcard views, downtown Camden seems like a great place to pass through on a summer evening after a hike. There are both upscale and antique shops, cafes, and lots of seafood eateries to check out.

9. Enjoy a Meal Outdoors

I’m sure my husband and I will be doing a bunch of grilling outdoors this summertime. We have a patio set outside that we don’t utilize often enough, so I would like to put it to good use. Grilled chicken kebabs and Citronella candles here I come!

10. Go to the Farmers’ Market

The Portland Farmers’ Market is always fun to visit since it has a diversity of goods. Not only can you find your typical fruits and vegetables, but you can also pick up some fresh blooms and houseplants.

11. Make a Recipe from Scratch

Have you ever made a recipe from scratch? The outcome usually tastes so much better in my experience and its always rewarding to tell others that you made every single element by hand. This summer I plan to bake something without taking any shortcuts. That means no Betty Crocker cake mix!

12. Go Kayaking

Last Spring we drove by a kayak rental business in Scarborough. I thought to myself, that would be so fun to do during the summer, I will remember that! So here I am, writing it down in this list to remember once again to look this place up and reserve a kayak. I think this activity would be even better with a group of friends so I hope to plan some kind of kayaking day this summer!

13. Read a Book or Two

I know I shouldn't avoid reading throughout the year but the summer is when I feel like I finally have enough time. During 4th of July vacation I usually have the time to read a couple of books and spend hours and hours reading. If you have any recommendations for page-turners I would love to hear them!

14. Go Strawberry Picking

In Cape Elizabeth, Maxwell’s farm offers pick-your-own strawberries with a sea breeze off of Maine’s southern coast. The strawberry season is quick, lasting from late June to late July, so be careful not to miss it!

Please drop me a comment to let me know what you are planning on doing this summer!


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