A Trip to Maine’s Fairy Island

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The state of Maine has no shortage of parks and natural attractions to explore. During this weekend's trip, we decided to take a drive to Mackworth Island located in Falmouth and check out a cafe in the next town over in Yarmouth. Keep reading to see why the small island should be your next outing!

Mackworth Island

Mackworth is connected to the town of Falmouth by a causeway at the mouth of the Presumpscot River right off of Route 1, making it a very easy island to get to. The 1.25-mile trail that loops around the island takes about an hour to complete at a comfortable pace and offers incredible views of Casco Bay and Portland. With the shade of the trees and the ocean breeze, the island had the perfect weather for a summer stroll.

Unique to the island is the fairy village which is made up of numerous tiny fairy homes to shelter the fairies that visit the island. To build a fairy home you must be creative and gather natural materials from the landscape itself like stones, shells, bark and sticks. The rules say not to bring any artificial materials and that you should treat the island with care since that is what will keep the fairies coming back.

As we walked the path, we enjoyed looking at the imaginative homes that people have made for the fairies. Some of them were very detailed with walking paths and furniture. After all we must make sure the fairies have a comfortable stay! If you plan to make it over to the island, I challenge you to look out for natural materials that you can use to build your own fairy home.


More & Co

I have been wanting to check out this little cafe over in Yarmouth for a while so when we were in the neighboring town we decided to drive over to grab a coffee and a snack. More & Co is situated near the Yarmouth Boat Yard and serves coffee from Astro Coffee Roasters - Detroit, Michigan and bread from Standard Baking Company - Portland, Maine.

My latte was sweet and delicious and came in a cool mustard colored cup. Most of their cups and plates are available to purchase, so seeing them in action made me really want the cup for my home. I ordered the peach toast special which came with thick creamy butter and a fiery peach spread. My toast, which was the biggest slice of bread I have ever eaten, was pleasantly airy and had a fluffy texture. The coffee and toast really hit the spot, if this cafe wasn't so far out of the way I would be coming here way too often.


Thanks for reading!