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Holiday Arrangements: Tips and Ideas

Instead of going to the annual holiday craft fairs this past weekend, my family decided to have a crafting day of our own. We created both holiday centerpieces and wreaths from scratch and they turned out fantastic! Keep reading to see some tips and ideas for creating your own.


Recommended Materials

  1. Fir boughs: one of the most essential items for creating a holiday arrangement!

  2. Vessels: this can either be a bowl, basket, or vase - whatever you have on hand.

  3. Floral styrofoam: you use this to keep your arrangement in place.

  4. Green floral wire: needed to secure your objects like pinecones and bows.

  5. Wired ribbon: used to make bows and add color to your arrangement.

  6. Natural elements: this can be pinecones, berry branches, and/or twigs.

  7. Ornaments: look for clip-on ones because they are easier to work with.


Candle Centerpiece

Check out the centerpiece I took home below! I decorated this candle centerpiece with real berry branches, pinecones, and silver flower clip-on ornaments. I don't recommend lighting this candle with all the tree branches nearby, however, I like that the red candle adds a pop of color and height to the display.

Tip: Spray berry branches with a Clear Shellac Spray to preserve them and have them last longer!

Handmade Bows

I created the bows on our wreaths and centerpieces by pinching ribbon and looping the fabric on both sides repeatedly. Using the floral wire you can secure the middle of the bow and attach it anywhere on your arrangement. We used sparkly red and gold ribbon for a festive look!

Tip: Wired ribbon works best since it keeps your intended shape and you can fluff up the bow for added volume once you're done.

Unique Baskets

We saved these holiday baskets from last year's after Christmas sales and they ended up being very useful! We filled these with floral Styrofoam and arranged the fir boughs, berry branches, pinecones, painted twigs, and ornaments inside for a beautiful holiday centerpiece.

Tip: Start the base of your arrangement first with the smaller items like pinecones and ornaments. After, add in the taller elements like the twigs and berries to the sparse areas. I found that if I did the latter first, I had to change everything around to create adequate room for my ornaments.


Huge shoutout to my Mom for doing the hardest part of putting together the fir boughs and compiling all the materials we would need. Thank you for a great day!


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