A Little Trip with Giant Flavor

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Another weekend, another brunch spot. If you haven't had the chance to read my blog yet, checking out the various cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops around Portland, Maine is one of my favorite pastimes. The city has numerous breakfast spots, so I'm here to report my findings and let you know which ones are worth visiting. Keep reading to see why the West End of Portland deserves a visit!

Little Giant

Little Giant is both a restaurant and all-day cafe located in the West End of Portland on the corner of Danforth and Clark. My husband and I visited the restaurant for brunch, which they serve 10am - 2pm every Saturday and Sunday, and oh were we impressed. The food was terrific and the interior was beautiful. If we were to take someone out for a fancy Portland breakfast, we would take them here!


Little Giant is a trendy spot with its contemporary interior. The space pops with its high contrast details including black chairs coupled with white tables, copper fixtures, and bright yellow accents. Every table is adorned with a vase of fresh-cut flowers, with the natural light and white backdrop it made our table a photo-worthy sight.


I really came here for the cinnamon bun which I thought was the best one I've ever tasted (seriously). With its buttery, gooey inside and rich cream cheese frosting, I was in awe after every bite. It was so large and filling that I had to box up half of it to take home.

My husband ordered the fried red potatoes with parmesan and rosemary for us to try. We were both expecting a small plate of traditional home fries but were pleasantly surprised to receive a huge bowl of large crispy potatoes with a savory punch of flavor. During our next trip here, I definitely plan to order those again!


Western Promenade

What's a trip to the West End without a walk at the Western Promenade? The park overlooks the west side of the Portland Peninsula and is a great place to watch the sunset. We came here after our brunch in the late morning to take a scenic stroll and were lucky enough to capture some photos of busy bumblebees and monarch butterflies.


Thanks for reading!