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A Coffee Date in Biddeford

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Biddeford, a former mill town with large brick buildings were once powered by the Saco River. Today, the buildings are being revitalized with new businesses, one being Time & Tide Coffee. The coffee shop is one of the hippest places in the Biddeford mill area and has a simple drink menu and a small selection of pastries to satisfy your sugar cravings.

My husband and I ordered drinks off the summer specials menu which was both delicious and refreshing. I got the pistachio iced latte and watched the barista masterfully make it as he swirled the pistachio cream around the cup, pour in the milk and top it off with two shots of espresso quickly and precisely. My husband got the wild berry hibiscus iced tea, a mixture of sweet berries and tart hibiscus.

Time & Tide's interior is modern and spacious with your choice of a table or window counter. The pink and orange accent colors pop against the white backdrop and the painted wall makes a perfect photo opp for your drink. If you find yourself in the Biddeford area, I recommend stopping in for a drink at Time & Tide. While you're there, make sure to buy a bag of whole beans to brew at home!

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