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The Proper Cup Is a Matcha Made in Heaven

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

When I attended the University of Southern Maine, the Forest Ave section of Portland had no coffee shops. Now there are at least three options: The Proper Cup, Rose Foods and Little Woodfords. If The Proper Cup existed during my undergrad years, I would have spent a lot of hours here either by myself as I typed out a paper on my laptop and sipped slowly on a latte or met up with group members to talk about an upcoming presentation over a cup of coffee.

The delicious Instagram-worthy drinks are the main reason why you should visit TPC. The coffee shop delivers both tasty and aesthetically pleasing lattes. On my first trip here, my husband and I ordered a hot green tea Matcha and skinny latte. Once I went over to the counter and saw the little designs delicately swirled on top and the beautiful bright green color of the Matcha, I carefully and excitedly took my cup over to a seat to photograph them.

The vibe is quirky, eclectic and industrial-themed. In the middle of the room is a motorcycle mounted on a table with a vintage velvet couch. TPC is a large space by Portland coffeehouse standards and there is plenty of seating to choose from. My favorite spot is by the windows where you can rest your feet up on the built-in ledges and bask in the natural light that floods in.

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