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February is for Galentine's Day Too

What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day is a holiday before Valentine's where you leave behind your significant others to celebrate female friendships. One of my traditions with my longtime friend, Alexis is to find a day in the month of February where we are both free and simply spend time with each other. Usually, brunch and gifts are involved!

This year we were exactly on the same page with our gifts since we both included a face mask and chocolates. I'm very excited to use my espresso face mask and how cute and special is the shirt that Alexis made for me?


Let's Brunch!

This year I presented Alexis with some different breakfast spots before we ultimately decided to go to Miss Portland Diner. She was looking for something sweet and we thought that french toast and pancakes sounded like the perfect meal to start our day.

I ordered a customized pancake with raspberries and chocolate chips. The berries were baked inside and proved to be a delicious combination. Note that you only need to order a single pancake here since they are HUGE!

Whenever I visit Miss Portland Diner, I love to sit in the booth section of the restaurant that was originally built in 1949. If you haven't been, I recommend waiting to sit in the booth to get the full classic diner experience.


Get in Loser, We're Going Shopping

Of course, during our girl-time together we had to go shopping. We made stops at both The Maine Mall and Target where we window shopped and probably bought some things we didn't need. I hope getting a Starbucks drink and walking around Target can be our next tradition!

Also, this year's Galentine's Day was a special one because Alexis was 22-weeks pregnant. I'm so excited to see her baby girl and know that she will be a great Mom!


Happy Galentine's Day

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