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4 Easy Home Updates for Fall

One of my favorite seasons to decorate for is fall. I'm a huge fan of autumn scents, fall colors, and pumpkin, so as soon as the seasons change I'm excited to refresh my home with new decor. Here are some ideas on how you can update your home for the autumn season.


Table Decor

For new seasons, I switch up my table decor with a different table runner and centerpiece. I recently bought a wooden tray from Hobby Lobby that can be a centerpiece base for any season. For example, you can fill this tray with mini pumpkins, candles, and any fall knick-knacks you already have. Read some more of my tablescape tips here.

Wooden Trays (left to right)


Throw Blankets

The cooler weather calls for warm blankets. Make your living room cozier with some knit or plush throw blankets in fall colors. I always have a couple of blankets in our living room to easily grab when you get cold!

Throw Blankets (left to right)



Another easy way to revamp your living space for autumn is to swap out your throw pillows in your living room and/or bed. I have found that Homegoods and Pier 1 Imports have a great selection of fall pillows. However, if you don't want to buy and store an assortment of pillows for every season, I recommend buying pillow covers instead. See some great Amazon examples below!

Fall Pillows and Covers (left to right)


Fall Scents

Nothing says "autumn" like the smell of a spiced pumpkin candle. Some of my favorite candles are the fall-scented 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works. They have the best scents like pumpkin pecan waffles, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, and apple cinnamon cider to name a few. In addition, Target has a whole aisle dedicated to candles for you to explore. Check out my candle recommendations below!

Fall Candles (left to right


Let the fall decorating begin!

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