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It's Always a Great Thyme at Broadway Gardens

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Today we visited Broadway Gardens in South Portland to find some Mother's Day gifts. Of course, we weren't the only ones on the prowl for the perfect gift, the parking lot was very busy!

Before choosing any plants to purchase we made our rounds and explored each greenhouse. There were so many different greenhouses to wander into and plants every which way making it easy to get side-tracked from our main objective.

The Mother's Day gift I picked up for my mom.

In case you're wondering what we ended up buying, I picked out a succulent plant in a cute little basket for my mom. I figured that if the plant doesn't make it for some reason, she will be able to use the basket for something else. I love succulents because they require minimal effort and look great in everyone's home. The trim of the basket came in different colors so I picked out the teal color to go with her home decor.

My mother-in-law already has tons of plants so we had our eyes peeled for a plant accessory. For her, we found a glass terrarium that we thought would be perfect for her baby succulents and air plants to live in. Although we came here looking for gifts, I plan to come back soon to pick up new plants for my flower beds and buy a couple of herbs. If you have any suggestions on great flowerbed plants that need little attention, please let me know!

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