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Boats and Toast: A Girl's Day Out

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Once in a while, you need to get together with your girl friends (without the SOs) for some quality time. I was beyond excited when Alexis, my longtime friend dating all the way back to middle school, reached out to get together. Our plan was to go out for breakfast and go shopping afterwards in the Portland area. It had been far too long since I saw her last so I was really looking forward to catching up!


Scratch Baking Co. Toast Bar

First things first, we had to figure out where to go for breakfast. Of course I had several ideas on where to go for breakfast, you can read my favorite cafe list here. I asked Alexis if she was looking for a sit-down breakfast or a cafe experience. She replied that a cafe would be be fine and that she was looking forward to a bagel.

The Toast Bar in South Portland immediately popped into my head since I had been eager to try it. We could go there for bagels and visit the ocean afterwards making it a perfect destination to spend our morning before the shops opened up.

The Toast Bar was unsurprisingly a busy spot during a Saturday morning in the summer. The parking lot was full and we had to park on a nearby side street and walk over. Through the front windows we could see a long line gathering but it moved fast. We needed that extra time anyway to decide on what to order since there was so many options and they all sounded so good!

We both ordered the toast special, the "Strawberry Situation", a toasted bagel topped with plain cream cheese, rhubarb jam, and fresh strawberries. We also went with the drink specials, I got "The Whopper", homemade malted milk and rich chocolate served on the rocks with added espresso. While Alexis got the "Lovage Lemonade", a herbaceous concoction with lemonade and fresh mint. We were very happy with our choices, as you can see from the pictures below!


Bug Light Park

After our yummy breakfast, we drove a short ways to Bug Light Park to take advantage of the scenic views and beautiful July weather. The temperature was perfect, warm with a cool ocean breeze. Equipped with a book and blanket, I could see myself hanging out here for hours. We walked around the park and took some pictures with the quintessential Maine background of light houses, the ocean, and boats sailing past in the distance.


Looking forward to our next adventure!

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