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2019 Summer Wrap-Up

We are now within the month of September which means the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. The summer flew by (like it always does) and here I am reflecting back on all the things I have done. In May, I created a to-do list here of some activities I wanted to accomplish this summer. Regretfully, I didn't get to cross off everything but here is a recap of some of my 2019 summer highlights!


Strawberry Picking

My husband and I made it over to Maxwell's Farm in Cape Elizabeth to pick our own strawberries. We really enjoyed our experience and were happy to have some fresh strawberries to eat and bake with. Read the full post here for more pictures and strawberry picking tips!


Try a New Ice Cream Flavor

I have certainly had my fair share of ice cream throughout the summer. One trip of note is the time I hunted down Portland Twist, an ice cream food truck that travels around the streets of Portland. I spent $7 on a soft serve ice cream that I had to scarf down since it was melting all over my hand. Despite my rushed experience, I was able to grab some pictures of my treat before it liquefied. Doesn't it look delicious?


Visit the Casco Bay Islands

Peaks Island

We rode the ferry over to Peaks Island with our bicycles and traveled the perimeter of the island. We explored the beaches in search of shells and sea glass, ate at Milly's Skillet Food Truck, enjoyed an ice cream cone, and bought some local honey as a keepsake. Read the full post here!

Chebeague Island

We also biked around Chebeague Island, Casco Bay's largest island not connected to the mainland. We went to Chebeague Island Inn for lunch, to the Chebeague Boat Yard, and stopped at some scenic outlooks along the way. Read the full post here to see more details!


Go to a New Beach

One of my favorite summer nights this year was spent at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth. It was a spur of the moment "let's go do something" adventure and it turned out to be the perfect time for a visit. We came on a warm night so it was comfortable walking around the beach and it was during the golden hour so all of my pictures came out fantastic, if I do say so myself. Check out the full post here to see more!


Watch the Sunset

Although I have been to the Back Cove in Portland plenty of times, I finally captured the beautiful sunset on my camera. We visited one night in August and were lucky enough to see the sky turn from blue to bright pink and yellow hues.


Have an Outing with Friends

This summer I had the chance to see my friends on a few separate occasions. One notable day was when my long-time friend Alexis came down to Portland for breakfast. We tried out the Toast Bar and went to Bug Light Park. Read the full post here to see why you should visit these South Portland spots!


Meet New People

I joined Bloggers Live Boston, a group of female bloggers based out of Boston, MA with a goal to support and inspire bloggers and influencers. I had the honor of meeting my fellow bloggers at the first Maine BLB event held at Rustic Arrow, a female owned business that sells clothing and home decor in Freeport. It was great to meet these girls in person and get to know them beyond their Instagram handle.

Photo credit: Skylar Pettingill, @skypettphoto


I cannot wait to see what autumn and the rest of the year brings!

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